Leicester and Leeds are two major cities in the United Kingdom that are often visited by tourists. If you’re planning on visiting both cities, you may be wondering how to get from Leicester to Leeds. There are a few different ways to make the transfer from Leicester to Leeds, including by train, bus, and car. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, so it’s important to consider your own needs and preferences before making a decision. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of the options for transferring from Leicester to Leeds, so you can decide which one is best for you.

Transfer From Leicester to leeds By Train

There are regular trains running from Leicester to Leeds, and the journey takes around 2 hours. The best way to book your train tickets is online in advance, as you can often get cheaper fares this way. When you arrive at Leicester station, you will need to go to platform 1 to catch the train. Once you arrive in Leeds, you will need to go to Leeds station and then take a bus or a taxi to your final destination.

Transfer From Leicester to leeds By Bus

The bus is a great option if you are looking to transfer from Leicester to Leeds. The bus journey will take approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes, depending on traffic conditions. You can purchase a ticket for the bus journey online in advance, or at the bus station on the day of travel. When you arrive at the bus station in Leeds, you will need to take a short walk to the city center.

Transfer From Leicester to leedsy By Cars

If you’re looking to transfer from Leicester to Leeds by car, the best option is to take the M1 motorway. The journey will take approximately two hours and thirty minutes. You’ll need to take the A50 towards Leicester and then join the M1 motorway at junction 21A. From there, follow the motorway north until you reach junction 44 for Leeds.

Best Way to Get Leicester to leeds if you have in Group and Luggage

The best way to get from Leicester to Leeds if you have a group and luggage is by car. This is because it will allow you to have the most control over your belongings and your group, and you will not have to worry about public transportation schedules.

There are many ways to get from Leicester to Leeds, but the best way depends on your individual circumstances. If you are travelling alone or with a small group, the best option is probably to take the train. However, if you have a large group or a lot of luggage, taking the bus or driving may be a better option. Whichever way you choose to travel, make sure to plan ahead and allow plenty of time to reach your destination.

How much does a taxi from Leciester to Airport cost ?

The price of a taxi in leicester depends on several factors. These are the route to be travelled, the journey time and whcih vehicle you choosed : 

Airport transfer to and From LeicesterApx. Journey TimeApx. Journey Distance Price (Saloon Car )
Leicester to And From Heathrow Airport transfer02 Hour 10 Minute104 miles 231.00
Leicester to And From Gatwick Airport transfer02 Hour 40 minute141 Miles302.00
Leicester to And From Luton Airport transfer01 Hour 35 Minute74 Miles163.00
Leicester to And From Stansted Airport transfer01 Hour 55 Minute95 Miles212.00
Leicester to And From Southend Airport Transfer02 Hour 40 Minute135 Miles290.00
Leicester to And From London City Airport Transfer02 Hour 24 Minute121 Miles264.00
Leicester to And From Birmingham Airport Transfer52 Minute38 Miles91.00
Leicester to And From manchester Airport Transfer02 Hour 05 Minute101 Miles224.00
Leicester to And From East Midlands Airport Transfer 36 Minute21 Miles40.00

Taxi from leicester to Leeds price

A Taxi Transfer from Leicester to Leeds with Local Taxis In Leicester will take approximately 01 Hour 40 to 01 Hour 50 minutes and journey is 105.0 Miles through A1 and M1 the journey will cost approximately 227 GBP for a normal saloon car which can carry 4 passengers 2 check-in luggage’s and 2 hand luggage’s.

the best way to get from Leicester to leeds is by car. This is because it is the most convenient option and allows you to avoid the hassle of public transport.Local Taxis In Leicester is Top Notch taxi servcies provider compani in leicester , our operator work 24/7 365 days in year , when you need you call us 0116 275 7575 or send a Email info@localtaxisinleicester.co.uk for Booking a taxi ,you will get reply with in minute

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