It’s always a good idea to plan when you’re going on vacation. That’s why we’ve put together this guide that will
help you find out how far it is from your home to East Midlands airport by car, as well as which types of Airport Transfers are available for hire.

Meet and greet services

A great way to start your journey is by having a driver meet you at the airport. This means that they will not only take you
to your car but also help with any luggage and get you back to the airport when it’s time for your flight.

How far is it to East Midlands airport by car?

It’s about 15 miles from the city centre, which takes around 30 minutes. The best route is along the A1 (M) and M1
motorways, but there are also plenty of other options if you want to take your time or avoid traffic jams.

Private hire taxis

You can book a Leiceter taxi online, by phone, and by text. You can also book a taxi via your travel agent or app.

The airport parking issue

The most common way to get a taxi to the airport is by taking a cab from your hotel or accommodation. But if you live in an area where there are no cabs available, then it’s best that you opt for an alternative route such as public transport or even walking.

The only thing that could make things worse is parking at East Midlands Airport itself. If this happens, then expect some hefty fines (as well as losing all of your money) because parking here can be expensive! There are many options available when it comes to parking at East Midlands Airport:

  • Self-Parking – This option allows drivers who want to leave their car on-site overnight without paying anything extra.
  • Private Car Parks – These are located within close proximity to each other so they’re easy-to-access points if anyone needs one quickly.
  • Park & Ride – This option lets people park their cars off-site before catching public transportation into town.
  • Valet Parking – Another popular choice among those who don’t mind paying someone else to do everything for them

A taxi is a great way to get to East Midlands airport.

A taxi is a great way to get to and from Leiceter to East Midlands airport. The cost of a taxi is much cheaper than other modes of transport,
especially if you have a group of people with you. The taxis are also very comfortable and convenient, which makes them
the best option for getting around during your trip. Taxi drivers are friendly and knowledgeable about the area, so if you have any questions about where things are or how they work, ask them! They can help with directions and advice on how best to spend your time while at East Midlands Airport.

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